Dust suppression system C30 basic

C30 low pressure max 10 bar

The dust suppression industrial system C30, thanks to a powerful fan on which are mounted two concentric layers, each equipped with 32 nozzles for a total of 64 has the possibility to reach considerable heights (5 mt), water is sprayed in very fine particles covering a large area (about 25 meters) and achieves limits not easy to reach.

• Reduction of employed staff costs
• A more liveable work environment
• Reduction of wear and tear of the equipment
• Elimination of puddles and rivulets of water that can be sometimes polluted
Very positive impact on public administration and organs responsible
for monitoring the environment.

Application fields:

dust suppression in mines, quarries, steel plants, odour neutralization in garbage dumps, purification plants, contaminated areas, cooling in stadium, meeting areas, parks.

Look at the video shows C30 fixed on the wall:

Download datasheet about C30 basic : datasheet C30 basic model.pdf