Ciclone Srl

Production of fans for agricultural sprayers

Our history

Ciclone S.r.l. was born in 1976 from the passion of its founder, Luciano Marcantoni, for the agricultural machinery sector.
Since the beginning, the company has specialized in the production of sprayers for phytosanitary treatments of crops, subsequently integrated with a range of axial and centrifugal fans.
This was only the starting point that guided Ciclone S.r.l. to develop a line of dust suppression systems, a high-quality and reliable range suitable to different fields.

The know-how and experience acquired over time have led the company to produce also a line of snow guns suitable for both national and international markets. The technologies developed by the company over the years determine its values today, closely linked to sustainability and the ecological theme.

Ventole per atomizzatori

Fans for agricultural sprayers

Ciclone S.r.l. designs and markets fans for agricultural sprayers, adaptable to different applications.
The fans have versatile features that allow them to be installed on means of different power. They are chill cast and built in light alloy, fixed to the hub with a conical attachment and a steel bush anchored to the blade.
Several models are available and suitable for many application fields:

  • Fan unit for trailed and wheeled sprayer;
  • Tower fan unit for trailed and wheeled sprayers;
  • Front aspiration fan unit for sprayer.

Centrifugal units for agricultural sprayer

Ciclone S.r.l. designs and markets centrifugal units for agricultural sprayer, suitable to different applications.
All models can also be supplied with a flange for trolley sprayer.
Different types of fans and centrifugal units are produced and marketed in Italy and abroad:

  • Centrifugal units for greenhouse treatment with standard nozzles and low volume;
  • Double cannon centrifuge group;
  • Group for vegetable treatment;
  • Recovery centrifugal unit;
  • Cannon centrifugal unit with telescopic tube.


Gruppi centrifuga per atomizzatori a cannone
Atomizzatori a recupero

Recovery systems

Ciclone recovery systems are ecological, sustainable, highly technological and innovative solutions, in line with current regulations on the need to perform phytosanitary treatments that never neglect the effects that the dispersion of the sprayed product might have on the environment.

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Why choose Ciclone

The passion and quality that guide our team have led us to create a dense commercial network, both nationally and internationally.
Ciclone S.r.l. is a structured company that, for over 40 years, has been providing its customers with internally produced, reliable, versatile and top-quality solutions.


The company produces its solutions internally, optimizing production times and guaranteeing the client a saving on actual costs.


Ciclone guarantees the high performance of its solutions with the use of top-quality materials and certifications as a demonstration of reliability and durability over time.


The quality of Ciclone solutions expresses over 40 years of experience and the great passion of the brand for the spraying sector.


Cyclone solutions have versatile features that allow the use in multiple fields of application and installation on means of different power.

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